Howdee, my name is Carlene, I’m 53 years into this life adventure. This is blog #1 & I am totally unprepared, That should be surprising (oh, I toe punny, I quack me up.) Sorta just happened. but I believe I was sent here so’z I could share this leg o’ me journey. My past is fascinating. My future is  even more exciting… total love is where this comes from.  That should be surprising (hahhaa). Sorta just happened.  My reason for being here is to inspire as I walk thru what is supposed to be a shortened (?) or is it? I’ve broken medicine’s rules before many, many times. I see no reason to stop now. I am a genuine Christian. I do what I say. I walk the walk. I am most likely one of the happiest people you have ever known. I don’t “practice” random acts of kindness. It is an integral component of me personality. So is my writing style- including spelling creatively, coming up with new words when existing ones don’t quite translate the mood I be intending to convey.  I also really enjoy punctuation.  I’m big on adjectives and take the positive road when possible.  You can not depress me. My spirit is strong in God & remains steadfast. I cannot be embarrassed. Trust me on this, as it will bite you… Iz jes saying …  I truly enjoy writing. I don’t have a computer so, I have to be out at me sweetest Mama’s house. (I also don’t have a TV or a microwave… stuff’s expensive, what can I say? Oh yeah, I be doing just fine w/out ’em.)  I do have some web access wit Blinky, me confounding phone. Posting is generally refused if it contains the words, “God, Jesus, Christian”, ya get the idea. I may be home a bit more, soon. Hey, they have a big TV, cable, internet & microwave! Yay! Could be worse…   Mama’s fixing dinner. Smells amazing.  I’ll be back soon. Thank you for stopping by. I love you!